Wipkip is a project by Nina van Bart, Willem van Doorn, Maaike Fransen and Wout Wolf and was initially created at the invitation of Trailerpark Festival, an art and music event in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The WipKip is a caravan of the brand ‘Kip’ which was transformed into an interactive installation, meant for the visitors of the festival. The caravan was therefore placed on springs and covered with a ‘plumage’ composed of 15,000 wooden slats. When the WipKip is set in motion by its users, the wooden slats visibly and audibly emphasise its dynamics.

Following the success of the first WipKip at the Trailerpark Festival, a second version was realised in 2018 for the Mysteryland Festival: WipKip 2.0.


“The WipKip is a playful and imaginative approach to a situation in which movement and sound reinforce each other and the experience of an object is intensified.”

Photos of WipKip by Alastair Philip Wiper at Trailerparkfest 2016
Sketch of WipKip by Nina van Bart