On behalf of Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, Nina van Bart made the visual translation of their trend report for the ‘Textile Preview’ of Textile View Magazine #131. The issue – which was influenced by both the environmental crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic – aims at sustainable textile solutions for the fashion industry for SS21 and focuses on the consumers’ growing interest in pleasure, emotional connectedness, awareness and integrity. At the same time, ‘Textile Preview’ inspires the textile industry to contribute to a waste-free society, with textiles for garments that unlock creativity and promote an emotional affinity with what we wear. It suggests a fashion world that is meaningful rather than abundant and shows production processes in which agriculture, yarn makers, waste processors, designers and creators work closely together to produce inspired products through craftsmanship and creativity.

The trends are grouped into nine different sections that offer the prospect of sustainable textile concepts, affection, reuse and DIY solutions and include images that illustrate wearability or application possibilities in an abstract manner. Like the visual translation of the designs in the trend report, the photography distances itself from the perfection of a studio setting. The images are not ‘flashed’ or polished, but are natural and honest and respond to the desire for sincerity and humanity.

Style Institute Amsterdam is a trend analysis agency that focuses on innovation, product design and communication in design, fashion and materials. They function as a source of information for the style related industry and report on consumer mentality, technological developments and trendsetting movements. The agency is headed by Anne Marie Commandeur, an experienced and internationally operating trend analyst, lecturer and speaker with a strong focus on today’s young talent.

CONCEPT AND TEXT Stijlinstituut Amsterdam


PHOTOGRAPHY Leon van den Broek at This Is Us

LAYOUT Tom van Staveren