Nina van Bart was invited by Bas van Tol to submit a design for the new special room in the Volkshotel in Amsterdam. Nine designers were selected to submit a design.

The name of the concept that Nina submitted was Reset. The city is becoming more extreme due to a hectic pace 24-hour economy and a growing number of residents and tourists. Everything is constantly changing. Non stop. Everywhere light, sound everywhere. The city does not leave us alone for a second, demands, overwhelms and dominates us.

The room meets our desire for silence and rest, contemplation and wonder. She is there for whom after a busy working day, visiting the many sights or a night out with something completely different otherwise want. The room pauses the hectic pace of the city and offers space for yourself. To give our senses what they want and need. A moment to recover, a moment of balance.

Studies showed that people feel enlightenment when the focus is shifted on the senses and when the light, colours and textures are reconnected with nature. The gentle rustle of the wind, the reflection of light on water, the touch of sand, the scent of chamomile, the sparkle of the stars, the colours of the sky.

The new special room therefore functions as a place that allows you to disconnect from the busy daily life. It is a space for contemplation where, through the senses, the state of mind is calmed and where a unique play with light, texture and colour offers tranquility to our mind and our thoughts. It’s a room where our desire for natural elements is answered.

The warm red bricks or tiles from the Dutch clay soil and sustainable local woods, such as that from the plane tree. The use of color in this special room is inspired by both the bodum and the sky. The earthy warm colors of the different clays contrast with the color tones from the air and complement each other.

The sleeping area is delicately defined, without it limits the spaciousness, with a curtain that the rays of light projecting the day, the sun projecting comes up slowly. A gentle seclusion. You can play with a double-layered curtain, a perforated blackout and a semi-transparent curtain.

The objects in the room each have their own character. The shapes and materials emphasize the function of the object. The objects invite you to touch, give you peace or new energy, that gives you a distraction from the tumult in the city.