Inspired by the preceding project Hanging Wall, Nina van Bart’s Monumental Surface design also departed from a traditional knotting technique used in the maritime industry and the fishing industry. She combined a method of twining ropes with a coiling-technique, allowing the ropes to be merged into large surfaces: rope-landscapes.

This gave the old knotting system from the shipping industry an alternative purpose, a new and contemporary appearance. The ropes in different volumes and with nuances in depth and rhythmical structures, tied together to surfaces with a monumental scale, show a rich pattern. Because maritime ropes can cope with extreme weather conditions, these landscapes can be realized both indoors and outdoors.

Monumental Surface was shown as part of the Body Language Exposition by Dutch Invertuals, during the Salone del Mobile in Milan (2015) and by Plus Design Gallery during Operae in Turin.

Monumental Surface at the ‘Body Language’ exhibition of Dutch Invertuals during Salone Del Mobile in Milan – Photo by Floor Knaapen

“Traditions and specialized craftsmanship are reinterpreted and redefined for Monumental Surfaces. What emerges is an interplay between past and present, between proven value and future possibilities.”