For Mathematic panels, Nina van Bart created a series of panels with a moiré, scanimation or lenticular effect. Through perforations in copper or reflective metal, with prints on glass and with mineral-like textures, she evokes a new experience; a sensation which confirms, even emphasizes, our continuous movement. Grids animate geometric shapes in intense colours such as cobalt blue and orange-red and, as you continue, let light colours like soft yellow and mint green appear. An interplay of light and shadow, of transformation and dynamics.

The panels are intended for architectural and interior applications. They can be used as a part of a wall or window, or as a freestanding, movable object within a space. They allow to change a public context in a unique way and are an added value for offices, hotels, shops and restaurants.

Mathematic panels was one of Nina van Bart’s graduation projects at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

“People are constantly on the move. We walk through streets and along squares, through corridors and rooms. We are often unaware of how we relate to these environments, indifferent to their rhythms and volumes. Facades in Motion obliges us to reactivate our interaction, it encourages us to experience what surrounds us differently, more attentively.”