In Honour Of… was created at the invitation of Dutch Invertuals during the Dutch Design Week 2016, as part of their exhibition Power Play. The project was realized in collaboration with Willem van Doorn and Geertje Schouten.

At the invitation of Dutch Invertuals, Nina van Bart participated in a reinterpretation of a form of being together which has been connecting people for centuries: sharing a meal. Every element – the scenography of the space, the ingredients of the courses, the serving – were brought together in a well-considered and sensible way in order to create a new experience. The food became a tribute: to the ingredients and to the ritual itself; a homage to tasting, looking and touching.

A kinetic installation, centered on the table, carried the dishes and set the rhythm. This added a social dimension as well: as the dishes were slowly shifted over the table, the guests themselves had to make sure that everyone was served. In each course, other attributes specifically designed for this dinner were used, both for the presentation and for the degustation of the dishes.

Concept and Design: Nina van Bart and Willem van Doorn, Dinner initiated by: Dutch Invertuals, Curation: Wendy Plomp, Fooddesign: Geertje Schouten, Kitchen: Geertje schouten and Robbe Wieles, Workwear: Marijke Annema, Tessel Brühl and Jason Page, Thanks to: Manouk Hasebos, Meike Jansen Rick Papavoine and Wout Wolf, Vegetables: Van Boekel Horecagroothandel AGF, Wine: Wijnkoperij Ludo Mertens