For the creation of Hanging Wall – and prior to Monumental Surface – Nina van Bart also departed from traditional knotting techniques from the maritime industry. She actualizes the technique itself, its shape, function and destination and introduces the results as a new concept for architecture and interior design.

Hanging Wall is an interpretation of an old technique that used to allow fishermen to repair their nets manually: ‘boeten’ – freely translated as ‘knitting’. Nina van Bart appropriated this manual technique to redesign industrial nets. ‘Boeten’ became the basis for the construction of spatial installations, intended as an interior concept. The combinations of grids in different scales and geometric forms create open and imaginary perspectives, challenging perception. The weaving and knotting, with deliberate variations in the dimensions of the meshes, creates an interplay of lines and patterns.

The knotted walls can also be adapted to public spaces such as town halls, offices and theatres.

Hanging Wall was shown during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven 2014.

“What can we learn from the past? From specific applications which, often unfairly, remain isolated within a defined context? With Hanging Wall, Nina van Bart shows how old techniques can survive in a new way today.”